wedding day back-up plans

For some brides, the only way to truly relax is to imagine every scenario and how to overcome it. Being prepared helps feel like every angle is covered and so it’s only right that you’ll want to create a plan B. But what situations are most likely to need a back-up plan, and how do you overcome them? Fear not! Check out my 5 wedding day back-up plans to ensure your day goes without a hitch!

Wedding day back-up plans

Rain, rain go away

If you live on the isle of Ireland, whatever season you’re getting married in, chances are it’ll rain on your wedding day. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be a total wash out. Being prepared, whatever the weather won’t dampen your spirits. If your venue boasts beautiful grounds and you’re worried about not making the most of them for your wedding photos, speak to your photographer. If outdoors shots are important to you, you may need to be prepared to nip outside with your other half and photographer at unexpected times, such as straight after the meal. Plus, many venues offer the advantage of having covered areas outside, such as verandas, which will keep you dry and still offer the illusion of being outdoors. Plus, a dark and stormy backdrop can look stunning in photos. It’s also a good idea to ask your photographer to scope the venue for alternative locations inside.

To ensure you’re fully prepared for rain, bring a pair of wellies (bridal or otherwise) and a big umbrella to keep you covered while running between locations.

When it comes down to it, you’ll be so blissfully happy on your wedding day that you’ll hardly notice a little rain!

Wedding day back-up plans

In case of emergency…

As brides it’s easy to imagine all those little worst case scenarios… hair falls out of place, there’s a snag in your dress, your groom’s button has popped off… cue the emergency bridal kit. This is a great task to pass onto one of your bridesmaids. Ahead of the wedding, create a little bag of everything you could possibly need. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Bobby pins
  • Mini hairspray
  • Safety pins
  • Needle & thread
  • Scissors
  • Baby wipes
  • Make-up
  • Plasters
  • Cotton wool
  • Tissues

Wedding day back-up plans

I’m late!

Okay… so we know it’s expected that you’ll be a little fashionably late, but what happens if you’re really late?! The best way to combat this is by preparing a wedding day schedule, which allows plenty of time for bridal preparations and travelling to your venue. Add in some buffer time in case you’re late (and if you find you have extra time, sit and relax and enjoy a glass of bubbles!). Give your planner to a trusted bridesmaid and ask them to warn you if you start to go over.

Wedding day back-up plans

A vendor is M.I.A

So this is probably one of the worst case scenarios but one which is the least likely to happen. While it’s out of your hands if there’s an emergency, ensuring you have good contact with all your vendors ahead of the wedding will make sure they turn up on time and meet your requirements. In the case of an unexpected emergency… don’t panic. Ask your vendors before the wedding if they have a plan B.

Wedding day back-up plans

Over-enthusiastic guest

We all have that one friend/cousin/uncle who’s the life and soul of the party and while you’ll want them to enjoy themselves, no doubt you don’t want them to make a scene. Here, it’s best to let the bar staff take charge. If guests are over-imbibing, ask them to refuse service if necessary and take care of the situation calmly, without making a scene.

Remember, these are all unlikely to happen and if at the end of the day, you and your other half are married, it’s been a successful day. Plus, you’ll be so wrapped up in your wedding day bubble that you’ll be too oblivious to notice if anything unexpected is happening.

Good luck with your wedding planning!

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