Once the dress has been chosen your thoughts will focus on completing your entire wedding day look. There’s the shoes, the veil and the jewellery, and there’s also your crowning glory… the hairstyle that you’ll wear for your wedding day. But where do you start, and how do you ensure you find a style that’s right for you? Here we share our top tips for choosing your bridal hairstyle.


 Start with the dress

When it comes to choosing your bridal hairstyle, don’t be tempted to look at styles until you’ve chosen your dress. So much depends on your wedding dress… your flowers, jewellery and shoes should complement it perfectly, as should your bridal hairstyle. Don’t commit to a style until you find the wedding dress of your dreams. A good hairdresser will be able to use their magic to create a look which works perfectly with your dress.

Allow your style of dress to influence your hairstyle choice. Consider your neckline, whether your dress has sleeves and the length of it. A dress with a high neckline may look better with an up-do, while a boho inspired gown may suit long, flowing, wavy locks. Opting for a short number? Evoke vintage vibes with a retro inspired up-do.

Hollywood Glamour WeddingConsider your hair type and work with it

Be realistic about what can be achieved with your hair. While hairdressers are creative geniuses and can work wonders, if your hair is short and fine, don’t expect them to be able to create masses of locks when you don’t have it to start with. While many brides are tempted to grow their hair for their wedding say, we say, if you have short hair and you love it, then rock it! Look for inspo from short haired celebrities. Remember how Anne Hathaway recently brought back the pixie cut and looked fabulous?! Likewise, if you have naturally curly hair, don’t be tempted into choosing a sleek style if it isn’t going to work for you.

Get tonnes of inspiration

If you’ve already started your wedding planning, you’ll have realised that there are so many places to seek inspiration. From wedding blogs, to bridal magazines, the red carpet and Pinterest, it’s easy to find hairstyles that you love.

If you love being super organised, set up a secret board on Pinterest and pin styles until your heart is content.

Choose your headpiece carefully

Whether you decide on a veil, comb or tiara, what you’ll be wearing in your hair also requires some thought. As a good starting point, when you tried on your wedding dress, no doubt your stylist ‘jacked you up’ Say Yes to The Dress style, by adding the finishing touches. Pay attention to what was placed in your hair. Did you like it? Did it complement your dress or detract from it? Just like your hairstyle, your headpiece should enhance your dress. Again, shop around and try several looks until you find your perfect match.

Choosing your bridal hairstyle

Have a trial

Don’t be tempted to ‘wing it’ on the day. Your wedding day hairstyle deserves a trial run even if your hairdresser is amazing. Book an appointment with your hairdresser and bring along your hairpiece. Show him or her a photo of your dress as well as hairstyles that have caught your eye. Together, you should be able to create something beautiful, ensuring you leave the salon with total confidence in your chosen look.

Take care of your hair

No doubt you’ll want your hair to look its best on your wedding day so taking care of it in the run up to the wedding is the best way to ensure it’s healthy and shiny. Don’t be tempted to drastically change your hair colour or style too close to the wedding. Ask your hairdresser for advice on the best products to use on your hair to keep it in tip-top condition.

When it comes to choosing your bridal hairstyle, find a style that not only works wonderfully with your wedding dress, but which is comfortable and still allows you to feel like yourself.

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